Daygame Euro Residential – £1k off for one guy!

Daygame Euro Residential – £1k off for one guy!

Hey guys,

If you’ve ever wanted to learn Daygame then a residential is probably the best way to go about it!

5 days, 5 hours coaching a day, 24/7 support and advice, living with me somewhere in Europe…

I’ve taught quite a few now and the results are always amazing, just check out some of my client testimonials!

The Euro season is now upon us and I’m offering a residential, with me, somewhere in Europe for £1500, that’s £1000 off the normal rate and miles cheaper than a lot of other companies…all I require in return is;

  • A newbie that’s done less than say 200 approaches.
  • Is happy to be filmed infield and share his experience on YouTube.

And that’s it.

Sound good?! If interested, shoot me an email and we can set up a Skype call to go over the specifics.



**ps – if you want to hear a previous clients feedback then check out this vid!**

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