Barcelona Daygame Residential Review

Barcelona Daygame Residential Review

Yo guys,

I recently taught a five day Euro Residential in Barcelona and thought I’d write a bit of a post on the experience.

Usually I’d teach a Euro Residential somewhere in Central Europe (cost, quality of women), however given the fact it’s now November and the temperatures in Central Europe plummet, the student and I decided Barcelona would be our best bet.

I’d never been to the city before so was flying blind when I arrived on the eve of the course, though Tom had given me some insights as to the daygame areas.

With a population of 1.6million and a high tourist turnover, Barcelona certainly has the foot traffic to allow daily number farming without the risk of burning the city.

barcelona daygame coaching
Sex shop shenanigans

We came up with a daygame route which took us down the main pedestrian shopping street (perfect for classic London style daygame), through the Gothic quarter (perfect for close quarters approaches and stores), along the marina/beach (good for lost tourists and chilled daygame) and through one of the main parks (great for seated sets).

My main gripe with Barcelona would be the quality of girls. Spanish women definitely have a more masculine presence than say Polish girls and aren’t generally as attractive. Saying that both the student and I had some success with them. The hottest girl I dated in the five days I was there was unsurprisingly Ukrainian. Being a large tourist city, you do find other nationalities to approach.

Actual Ukrainian
Actual Ukrainian

Another gripe would be the vibe at night, especially around the infamous Las Ramblas street, which is absolutely crawling with drug pedlars, prostitutes and drunk tourists. This immediately gives girls a defensive demeanour, even when approaching 2-sets. I did manage to get a few solid leads on Las Ramblas at night but it took very polarising direct approaches to position myself out of the undesirables box.

Final gripe would be the cost. Barcelona is a cheap destination to get to, especially from the UK, however it’s an expensive city to live in. The AirBnb we stayed in was very expensive compared to say Riga. Eating & drinking is also much more expensive than Central/Eastern Europe.

It’s not all bad though;

Being an international city, the language barrier is virtually non-existent, most girls speak English so there’s no issues there.

The city itself is beautiful, when you’re not running around the streets after women, there’s a tonne of cool stuff to do and see.

Starfucks ;)
Starfucks 😉

As mentioned earlier there is more than enough to shoot at and if you remain opportunistic you’ll occasionally come across some top quality. We didn’t explore the nightlife region but I’m told that it’s pretty good if you’re into night game.

As I was there teaching, I didn’t really do too much daygame for myself, though I still came away with some solid leads, one even suggesting she fly over to the UK to see me.

Whilst I’d recommend other daygame destinations, especially during the summer, I wouldn’t rule out going back to Barcelona in the future.

You can listen to the students experience here –

For coaching in the UK or abroad email for further info.

2 thoughts on “Barcelona Daygame Residential Review

  1. Hey Craig, Just wanted to leave a comment to show my appreciation for this post.
    Came across your youtube channel a while back whilst watching you and Tom travel around Canada. Btw keep up the good work with the vids.
    I’m actually off to Barcelona tomorrow for New Years but I’m only there for 4 days so I was planning on number farming as soon as I land. But this post confirms exactly what I thought about girls being slightly on the defensive side especially around Las Ramblas because of the pickpocketing. Anyways I’ll go with an open mindset, give it my all and will do my best to report back.

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