Australia: Sydney & Melbourne Daygame Coaching

Australia: Sydney & Melbourne Daygame Coaching

G’day mates!

Winter is finally here in the UK, grey skies, frosty mornings and pretty girls hidden under layers of cheap Primark scarves!

It’s the time of year that guys thinking about starting daygame postpone till the spring, beginners often quit with the biting weather compounding their AA and even some experienced guys decide it’s time for a break…

Thankfully it’s not winter everywhere…no, you lucky bastards down under are approaching peak daygame conditions, which is why I’m hoping to plan a trip to Oz this December to escape the bleak UK weather and join you hunting sheilas in the sun.

I’m planning on running a couple of bootcamps and one-on-ones whilst I’m there as well as mini-residentials if any guys are up for that and also give a couple of free talks.

Most of my interest comes from Sydney though if Melbourne gets enough interest I’d be happy to go there too.

For further information and to book a slot email and we can sort out a Skype call to discuss further.



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