The Issue With Pickup In Small Towns

The Issue With Pickup In Small Towns

Imagine a scene from one of your favourite post-apocalyptic movies.

A group of men, starving and famished from going days without eating, stumble upon a can of out-of-date food in a building they find refuge in. The leader of the group moves quickly to take control of the food, deciding how much each person can eat and when they can eat it.

The scarcity of food and the length of time each man has had to wait before finding some causes tempers to fray and fights break out as each man tries his best to take as much food as he can. Eventually the alpha of the group defeats the others and takes the food for himself leaving the others to starve and live off scraps.

The scene ends with the alpha guarding the tin of food whilst the others look helplessly on…

Everytime I return home to the town I’m from, I see this scene play out on a weekly basis in the local pubs and clubs, except instead of food guys are fighting over (though sometimes in the kebab shop at 3am it is), it’s girls.

Guys often ask about whether game works in small towns as well as in big cities. In short, yes it does, game is game. There are a number of differences for small town game but here’s where I see the main issue arise.

In small towns and cities, there are less girls and even less attractive ones i.e. they are a scarce resource. This scarcity leads to increased competition for these girls.

In an economic climate, scarcity leads to an increase in value. In the sexual market place, in small towns and cities, a girls value is often inflated above and beyond the market norm, for example; a girl viewed as a ‘6’ in a big city is often viewed as an ‘8’ in a small town due to the fact she’s a scarce resource.

This value inflation causes a lose-lose situation in most cases.

Low value guys lose as normal (high value girls don’t sleep with low value guys).

High value guys win as normal (high value guys sleep with high value girls).

Medium value guys lose (think a guy 6) as the average girls value has been inflated so much so that they can no longer get them.

Average girls lose too due to the fact that a) the high value guys are sleeping with the high value girls and  b) they aren’t sleeping with the guys they should be sleeping with due to their inflated perception of their own value.

Everytime I come back home and catch up with my friends in the local pub I see the above.

The hottest girls in the town are always in groups with the local bad boys and high value guys. The low value guys are sat in the corner getting pissed not interested in girls altogether and the guys that are approaching girls are generally getting shot down by girls two points lower than them.

The solution then is simple.

  1. Learn tight game or;
  2. Move to a bigger city where the playing field is a bit more equal
  3. Do both!

If you for whatever reason you can’t move then learn tight game and don’t do what the other guys are doing an paw over girls who you know deep down you wouldn’t bat an eye-lid at if she was plonked in the middle of Oxford Street in London. Become a high value guy and get the high value girls. 


5 thoughts on “The Issue With Pickup In Small Towns

    1. In terms of daygame, 500,000 is considered fairly small but doable (if not spam approaching). One million and over is ideal. Anything less than say 100,000 and you’ll probably encounter the issues I spoke about.

  1. Mate I just returned from Central Europe .I tell you what I saw alot of local lads both in Budapest and Prague outskirts that are doing 2 or 3 points above themselves .
    It was so good to see coming from good to see.
    I love pommy birds btw the most improved in the Anglosphere now that alot are into fitness….and they seem to love blokes with shaven heads .Even us older ones

  2. Fortunately for my +70000 area, I live in Scandinavia where guys are quite feminized, so a masculine daygamer is a very scarce resource. I don’t think there are any other systematic hustlers near my area. Still, I keep things very low key.

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