How To Have Sex In Public

How To Have Sex In Public

For the last few months, in-between daygame coaching in London, I’ve been living back in the arse end of nowhere while I plan my next Euro Jaunts and an upcoming World Tour.

The issue with this (outside of the lack of daygame opportunities) is the fact that lay logistics are pretty shitty.

Instead of relentlessly beating myself off into a tissue whilst spending way too much time on pornhub, I’ve been further exploring the art of  getting laid in public places.

By public places, I’m talking about anywhere outside of the comfort of your place, whether that’s in a car, in a park, down an alleyway or like my Saturday afternoon, a disabled toilet in a swanky pub…

Now this isn’t a new phenomenon and certainly not the first time I’ve done this but I wanted a write a bit of a “how to” for guys that may not have tried or thought it was possible to get a girl you barely know to accompany you into a toilet, whilst the sun is still shining outside and proceed to fuck her brains out whilst the sound of hand dryers go off next door.

Before I get into the “how to” part of the post, I want to touch on the “why” you should want to at least try having sex in public;

  1. Firstly it’s good experience. Experience breeds competence and competence breeds confidence. Quite simply, the more you have sex in crazy places, the more confident you’ll feel about doing it in future situations where a bounce back to your place may not be possible. What you feel, she feels, so if you’re confident in what you’re doing, she’s more likely to oblige.
  2. It’s exciting and risky. The combination of the two causes huge spikes in her emotions and is likely to make her come back for more. After all, when she’s daydreaming at work, she’s more likely to be thinking about the guy that dragged her into a disabled toilet than the guy who gave her three minutes of boring missionary sex.
  3. It’s paramount for developing a strong sexual vibe. Since we know that it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it, developing a strong sexual presence through a wide berth of sexual experiences will help your interactions with women in the future.

Not that I really needed to sell you on the idea of expanding your sexual horizons, it’s time for the “how” part of the post. Banging in public isn’t actually that hard (that’s what she said..) but there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

  1. She needs to trust you. There needs to be a certain degree of comfort built before you pull a girl into a situation that is both risky in terms of being caught and more importantly where she’s going to be vulnerable. She doesn’t need to have known you for months, it’s certainly possible to do a same day lay in public but she has to trust you. Once you know she’s attracted to you, let her know that you’re not a threat.
  2. You have to lead. Just like any escalation attempt, it’s your job to lead and escalate. Not only do you need to lead and escalate, you must do so smoothly. Any hesitation, nervousness or uncertainty she will feel amplified and will likely not go ahead with it.
  3. Accept there is a risk and ‘call out the elephant in the room.’ She doesn’t want to be thinking logically about how you two could get caught so you need to allay these fears before they arise by saying something along the lines of “this is crazy, I can’t believe we’re doing this.”
  4. Have Fun! Most importantly make it a fun experience for her as well as you. You want to make it a positive experience for her to reduce the chance of “buyers remorse.”
  5. Oh and not every girl will be up for it and thats okay. Drilling yourself to at least try for it will make you more comfortable when the situation arises again in the future.

So there you go, there’s really not much to it.

Have fun!


If you still need some reassurance that women are actually into this stuff just grab yourself a copy of “50 Shades of Grey” or “My Secret Garden” by Nancy Friday, better still follow me on Twitter @cassidypua and add me on Instagram @craigcassidy1


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