Age. Does it Matter?!

Age. Does it Matter?!

Good morning guys,

I’ve just woken up back in my childhood home, to be greeted by my mother singing murdering Happy Birthday and my phone beeping with social media notifications.

Yep, it’s my birthday and I just turned 31.

I thought it would be a poignant day to touch on the whole ‘does age matter’ in pickup debate, especially as back in my late teens/early twenties, I genuinely thought that if I hadn’t found “the one” and got married and had kids by the time I was thirty, then I’d be fucked. Destined to spend eternity alone, masturbating non-stop to virtual reality porn.

Oh how I was wrong.

The last twelve months I’ve spent the majority of my time travelling the world, teaching daygame and having a great deal of fun whilst doing so.

So “Age, does it matter?!”

The short answer for men is that, no it doesn’t really matter. I know seducers far older than I who are still crushing it in game and in life (think Tom & Nick, the two main guys who helped shaped my beliefs and game early on). Also anyone who’s followed Rollo Tomassi’s work will know that younger women are generally attracted to older guys.

However that’s not to say that you are exempt from putting in continuous work and effort as you age. For a more in-depth look at where age fits in to your sexual market value, check out this post.

Younger guys should focus on building their value. The main issue for younger guys is that women are attracted to power & charisma, something younger guys tend to lack due to not yet having the kind of life experiences that build these traits.

During your late teens and early twenties, you literally have licence to do whatever the fuck you want and not really have any major repercussions. Go crazy, experiment with all styles of game, travel as much as you can, experience as many new things as you can and start to form an idea of the man you want to become.

This will serve you well later on in life, and naturally you’ll become a more attractive man. Obviously don’t neglect learning game, but really when you’re that young you can get laid without it. I did and I was a chode back then.

Older guys should focus on demonstrating their value. The main issue I see in older guys is despite having built value (often massive value), they literally have no idea how to display it or if they do it’s usually in a miss-calibrated way that attracts the wrong type of women (think gold diggers).

Learning game is critical as an older guy to avoid falling into the typical traps of online dating, becoming a sugar daddy or worse a provider for a post wall woman.

Also staying disciplined with your health and nutrition becomes more important the older you get. Without your health it’s bloody hard to do anything, let alone pickup chicks! Hitting the gym, eating well and working on your fashion can also knock years off your perceived age, I often get told I look early to mid twenties, which is great!

And remember, “you’re only as old as the person you feel” 😉


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