Hole-In-One, Literally… (Lay Report)

Hole-In-One, Literally… (Lay Report)

I don’t write a lay report for every girl I sleep with unless it’s one that is a) a funny story, b) contains some useful insights/lessons or c) both. In this case, last nights lay is definitely a c…

Those of you that follow my Twitter or Instagram will know that on Sunday evening I was on a date with a Romanian Vampire (she’s from Transylvania..). During the past year or so since I’ve been a daygame coach, most of my daygame has been done either when I’m coaching or when I’ve been on trips/jaunts with wings, so my style of game had developed to fast pulls either on the same day or on a first date.

I’ve had the luxury of being grounded in one spot for the last few months so I’ve been able to slow back down and play a safer two-date model and I went into the date on Sunday with that in mind. We had a few drinks, I escalated up to a make-out and we made plans to see each other again for a second date.

Romanian Vampire 😉

Over the next few days after the date on Sunday our texting became more and more sexual. My tried and tested photo ping spikes nicely amped up the possibility that sex would happen on the second date and so I decided I had to get her out again soon before the bubble burst, knowing I would be in London for a week this weekend.

The main issue I have with where I’m living now is logistics, something that is vital to the success of a pull so I knew I was going to have to improvise as I couldn’t go to hers and she couldn’t come to mine. After a little while browsing the internet for possible locations for the pull (disabled toilets, hotels with conference rooms, parks etc…) I decided that as I drive and I’m in an area with lots of secluded areas, I’d go for the pull in my car. I drive a BMW Z3, which if you’re a fan of James Bond you’d have seen in GoldenEye and you’d also know it’s fucking tiny…

Felt a bit like we were setting a Guiness World Record...
Felt a bit like we were setting a Guiness World Record…

Driving to the date I knew that it was either going to go well, or it would be a funny story…

I picked her up at her house and the expected “where are we going” question arose, to which I’d already planned a reply “I’m going to show you this awesome viewpoint where you can see the whole city.” It’s important that when you lead you have conviction, any hesitation could see your plans shot down. She didn’t bat an eyelid to this and the look in her eye told me she knew what that meant.

The drive to the lookout wasn’t long and we made small talk as the sexual tension began to build. As I approached the viewpoint I noticed that it was actually full of cars. “Shit!” I thought to myself as I frantically racked my brain for an alternative spot, knowing that dogging probably isn’t the best idea for a second date!

Luckily the area is surrounded by golf courses and as the last of light disappeared I found a local golf course with a huge car park that was luckily empty. Bingo! You couldn’t see fuck all of the city but she never said a word and within minutes we were making out heavily. I’d just been given the green light..

Here’s what followed. I’ve conveniently edited into a short 5 minute audio clip, which is obviously NSFW and you should probably wear some headphones…enjoy 😉


Oh yeah, I said at the start that this lay report contains some useful lessons/insights, not just the bravado of the lay so here’s some tips for ‘adventure sex.’

  • You absolutely have to lead. Leading is critical to every pull but even more so when you’re attempting to go for a lay in a public location. Any hesitation will cause her to feel uncomfortable with the idea and it probably won’t happen.
  • You must have escalated physically and verbally prior and feel somewhat that she’s a) into you and b) a strong maybe to a yes girl. If you haven’t at least made out with her then it’s going to be a huge ask to get her to fuck you in public.
  • Turn it into an ‘adventure.’ Role play on the fact that you both shouldn’t be doing this and that it’s your little secret. This adds to the plausible deniability she requires when doing something crazy like this with a guy she’s just met.
  • Have fun!

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