Getting Laid in Las Vegas (Lay Report)

Getting Laid in Las Vegas (Lay Report)

The other night I watched the new Jamie Foxx action film “Sleepless”, which is set in Las Vegas. During the gratuitous violence, car chases and gun fights, it dawned on me that I never wrote up any of the stories from my trip to Las Vegas with Tom in December.

It’s a bit late now to recount all of the craziness including a couple of failed threesome attempts, blue-balls woes and getting shit faced dressed as Santa Claus but I will share with you this story of how I got laid in Vegas from Gutter Game.

To say I was excited was an understatement.

We’d just finished a five-day daygame residential in Los Angeles and now I was speeding down the highway in a blood-red, convertible Chevvy Camaro, wind flowing through my hair (okay that’s a lie), destined for Sin City itself Las Vegas!

In my mind I recounted the time when I was living in Bristol with some housemates and we’d all decided to go to Las Vegas only for me to miss out by ironically blowing all my Vegas money in a casino in Bristol. I was devastated as Vegas had always been high on my list of ‘places to experience’ but now almost 8 years later, I was finally on my way there.

The trip took slightly longer than it should have done on account of the fact that we kept stopping off to dick around with drone footage and getting “Hollywood” selfies with the car to ping leads later on.

By the time the infamous Vegas strip came into view, the sun was starting to set and I began to get that “holy shit I can’t believe I’m here” feeling you get when you finally visit a place you’ve only been able to fantasise about.

We were staying at the Flamingo resort, which isn’t hard to miss with its garish neon exterior lighting up the strip. Tom had been to Vegas previously and I was keen to explore but we needed to get some footage with the car before we dropped it off at the rental company, so after a hasty check-in we headed back out onto the strip, doing laps in the Camaro with the sound system blaring like a couple of ‘boy-racers.’ As chavvy as it was, it was probably one of the highlights of the year for me!

En Route to Sin City
En Route to Sin City

Car returned with no mention of the small dent I caused by rear ending a Mexican in an In-N-Out drive through, we headed back to the Casino to get ready and head out for the evening.

Tom took me on a mini-tour of the strip, down to Paris, then on to Planet Hollywood, over to Comso and back up past the Bellagio before we headed to a bar to grab the first beers of the night.

The next bit of the night was a bit of a blur so I’ve referred to Tom’s ‘morning after’ podcast to help me remember what went down..

As with many nights I’ve been out with Tom, at a certain point in the night I find myself drunk. In this case Tom had sloped off with a bird and was now somewhere in Treasure Island, leaving me to begin gutter gaming solo up and down the strip.

Vegas isn’t the best daygame destination in the world but it is pretty good for gutter game, something I’ve taken a liking to the more I travel and teach around the world. My goal was to find a single girl, take her to a bar for a drink then bounce her to my casino for another drink before pulling her to my room for the close.

I spent a few hours walking up and down the strip, in and out of casino floors opening sets without much success. I kept running into hookers who weren’t willing to give me a freebie, groups of girls just on their way out to hit the clubs but not many single girls.

The more laps I did, the more sober I became and by 2am my body realised it was in desperate need of sleep, but determined and fuelled on by the fact I was in Vegas, I decided to do one final lap and go for glory.

Tom has often referred to ‘the daygame gods’ as a metaphor for the luck you often run into when out interacting with girls and low and behold, on my final lap, coming out of Cosmo casino, dolled up to the nines and more importantly alone, appeared a beautiful Russian girl.

I opened in my best English accent and the direct compliment hit home. I used the Vegas trick of asking “if she was working” to establish whether she was a hooker and it turned out that she was a ‘stripper who sometimes slept with men for money’ and so I made it clear that I wasn’t a potential client and that I wanted to take her for a drink.

At the bar in Cosmo
At the bar in Cosmo

She agreed and we went into the Cosmo for a drink. I bought the round and was relieved that she didn’t take the piss with a crazy priced cocktail. Over the course of the drink I got to know her a bit, making sure I was smoothly escalating.

She told me stories about the different ways she gets chode guys to buy her stuff and stories of the sugar daddies who fund her Vegas lifestyle. I sat and smirked throughout knowing I could have ended up like one of those guys had I not found ‘The Game’ all those years ago.

We finished the first drink and she mischievously produced a bottle of vodka from her bag and out of sight of the barman poured us both a drink under the table. I made sure to watch her take a drink first as for a split second I thought I could have ended up in a “Hangover” scenario, roofied by a Russian Stripper!

I’d already made the decision to bounce her after the second drink but the green light came when she told me that she “sometimes fucks guys that she likes for free” whilst maintaining solid eye contact. I knew then it was time to extract.

The walk from Cosmo to Flamingo isn’t that far and being Vegas there is literally a tonne of material to keep fluff talk going. I joked about throwing her in the Bellagio Fountain which was a good excuse to pick her up and spin her around.

Inside the Flamingo she wanted to gamble, I conceded and let her. Sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war. I already knew it was a done deal so I was happy to let her make a bit of money whilst I got a free drink at the table. Luckily she didn’t play for long and we headed up to my room.

Once inside the room I let her get comfortable whilst I chucked some music on. Chris Brown’s – Grass is Greener pumped out of the speaker prompting a knock at my door. I opened it cautiously expecting maybe hotel security or someone to be there to either moan about the noise or kick my guest out. Luckily it wasn’t either of those, it was just Tom curious as to why I was blasting old school R&B out at god knows what time in the morning. A quick glance and muttering “I’m not alone” let Tom know the deal and he retreated to his room ill and hungover.

The sex was what you’d expect from a drunk night in Vegas. Wild, filthy and a little seedy but great fun. I wish I could remember the explicit details but my mind is still blank, maybe I was roofied after all…

I woke up in a confused state, alone and with a banging headache. I checked my phone as I vaguely remember trying to audio record the lay for evidence but nothing was on there. Scratching my head and looking around the room I started to wonder if it had just been a really vivid dream brought on by one too many beers and the excitement of being in Vegas but then I saw it.

Cheers for the fun night Nadya 😉

A keepsake from my first night in Las Vegas!


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