Daygame Infield Coaching

Daygame Infield Coaching

1-on-1 Infield Coaching – London (Also available UK wide)

A one day daygame infield coaching session is an ideal way to get started with or diagnose a specific sticking point in your daygame.

During the 5 hour session, we will go over the London Daygame Model from Open to Close and spend 100% of the session infield, applying this knowledge on the girls you meet.

A typical 5 hour session might look something like:

12pm: Meet & greet, grab a coffee and discuss your background and what we hope to achieve in the session.

12:15: Head out on to the streets and begin coaching. You’ll see me demo and in-between your sets we’ll discuss theory and practical solutions to sticking points you run into.

14:15: Stop for a bit of lunch to refuel and recap what we’ve covered so far.

14:45: Hit the streets again and continue to refine your approaches.

16:45: Finish the coaching part of the session and have a 15 minute debrief where I give you feedback and provide you with the necessary road map to continue your daygame journey going forward.

Following the coaching session you’re welcome to email me any follow-up questions you may not have thought of during the session.

For further information or to book email;

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