5 Day Daygame Residential

5 Day Daygame Residential

5 Day Daygame Residential – UK & Worldwide

A five day daygame residential is hands down one of the best ways to learn daygame from scratch or to take your game to the next level.

I’ve taught these programmes worldwide with great success as they offer the student the opportunity to live and breathe daygame with me for five days in some of the best daygame locations around.

Coaching is five hours a day, everyday but with the added bonus that by living with me, you have an instructor on hand 24/7.

Unlike a one day coaching session we cover far more than just how to get a girls digits. During the week we’ll go over things such as;

  • The Daygame Model in detail.
  • Gutter Game.
  • Text Game.
  • What to do on dates.
  • Pulling the trigger/LMR.
  • How to build an archetype & fashion advice.
  • Fitness & nutrition.
  • Planning & executing Eurojaunts.
  • And more…

Often outside of coaching hours during free evenings I’m usually happy to go hit the bars/night scene with students and wing together for a bit of extra coaching. The week is usually a lot of fun, just listen to one of my past students give his review:

For more information and to book, email: craig@cassidypua.com and we can set up a Skype call to chat further.

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