Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“Been recovering from the adrenaline come down of the epic 4 day rollercoaster ride residencial in Riga. Ive only had a comparable experience like it before, sky diving. From boring to scoring, getting details, doing the drill, no thinking, just action, if you’re willing. Loved every bit of it, nothing compares to finding such happiness in shattering limiting beliefs and coming out of it positively surprised. Takeaways, more smiling energy on the stop and getting strong again for the close. Would give my strongest recommendation to Coach Craig Cassidy, super strong positive vibe like an anchor for those first few extreme highs from laughing at blow outs to leaping at succeeding. Thank you.” – Manel, Euro Residential July 2016

“Hi Craig, I wanted to thank you for Monday’s coaching session in Munich, for advice, patience and motivation. It was a great day and of good help even and especially when it required some self-resetting and re-attacking. I hope you enjoyed Munich! Let me know when you return – preferably during summertime, as this is when this city is showing all its beauty(-ies).Best, Nic” – Nicolas, Munich October 2016

“A big thanks to Craig, for what was a great 5 day residential in Barcelona. I went in with many limiting beliefs and consequent social/approach anxiety, but left with so many positive reference points in the form of 50 contact details, 2 instant dates and 2 night time dates. Craig has a good teaching style. He doesn’t bombard you with theory, whilst at the same time pushing comfort zones in a way which is both agreeable and motivating. Nothing, compares to 1-2-1 training, drop the theory and youtube videos and take action. Worth every penny.” – Ryan, Barcelona November 2016

“Hi Craig – Many thanks for the session on Saturday; I got a lot from it. In fact I went out on Sunday and got 4 number closes which is way above my normal rate. Thanks again,Will” – Will, London November 2016

“Brilliant couple of days with Craig in London. Worth every penny. Really helpful to iron out my game. Some great results in developing mythological archetypes in my stack and weaving the target into this. Great fun!! Craig is a lovely bloke with a fantastic Cool Hand Luke energy. Many Thanks, Howard.” – Howard, London, December 2016

“I recently had 3 days of 1 on 1 coaching with Craig. I cannot speak highly enough of my experience. It was clear very early on that he is an experienced daygamer with a strong understanding in how to transfer that knowledge to others. I suffer from very high approach anxiety, Craig was able to build me up to making successful number closes after just one session. He was able to motivate and encourage me and knew when to switch gears in response to my energy levels. My AA and results have improved drastically since my sessions with Craig, as has my day to day confidence and happiness. If you are thinking about coaching, pull the trigger and do it.” – James, Melbourne, Jan 2017

“I feel like its cliche to describe something as life-changing but that’s exactly how I’d describe my Barcelona residential with Craig.  I came in wanting to improve my approach anxiety and do a lot of approaches but left with so much more.  Sure we approached every single day (at least 10/day) and saw sets go from blowouts to laughter, convo and numbers.  However the real proof is in the results and with Craig’s help even got a lay the day before we both had to leave (quite epic).  But all that paled in comparison to the other aspects of my life that Craig improved.  I completely changed up my texting interactions (funny dog pics ftw), my dates, my front squat :), and just overall how I interact with women.
Though my approach anxiety will always be there and my results may not be the same now that i’m back to my normal 9-5 but Craig’s teachings will always stay.  Can’t recommend this enough for anyone serious about changing their life and interactions with women.” – Peter, Barcelona, March 2017
“I’ve been a theory junkie for ten years and I always had reasons why it was not the right time to get coaching. Finally I had the courage and booked a residential in Prague with Craig. At that point I was not sure if daygame even exists or whether it is a bunch of people posting fake YouTube videos to rip off guys like me.
The residential took only five days but when I look back at that person I was when I came to the city, it feels like years have passed. I’m in my late twenties and had no experience with girls at all. When pretty girls passed, I could not keep eye contact. When Craig asked me about my expectations I told him that getting one number by the end of the week would be great. The first couple of times, going to the main shopping street with Craig felt like torture to me and I was constantly afraid of him saying “her” and feeling that gentle push at my back when he wanted me to approach.
Every interaction brought me one step further and by the end of day two I could run the model for the first time and got a number. From that point on I was constantly filling up my phonebook and by day four I felt comfortable leaving the apartment. On our last day Craig did no longer have to point out sets for me and I ended the residential with a wonderful instant date. Thank you for the  things you taught me Craig, you have not only been my instructor but also my friend.” Tilman, Prague, October 2017

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