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Getting Laid in Las Vegas (Lay Report)

Getting Laid in Las Vegas (Lay Report)

The other night I watched the new Jamie Foxx action film “Sleepless”, which is set in Las Vegas. During the gratuitous violence, car chases and gun fights, it dawned on me that I never wrote up any of the stories from my trip to Las Vegas with Tom in December.

It’s a bit late now to recount all of the craziness including a couple of failed threesome attempts, blue-balls woes and getting shit faced dressed as Santa Claus but I will share with you this story of how I got laid in Vegas from Gutter Game.

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Hole-In-One, Literally… (Lay Report)

Hole-In-One, Literally… (Lay Report)

I don’t write a lay report for every girl I sleep with unless it’s one that is a) a funny story, b) contains some useful insights/lessons or c) both. In this case, last nights lay is definitely a c…

Those of you that follow my Twitter or Instagram will know that on Sunday evening I was on a date with a Romanian Vampire (she’s from Transylvania..). During the past year or so since I’ve been a daygame coach, most of my daygame has been done either when I’m coaching or when I’ve been on trips/jaunts with wings, so my style of game had developed to fast pulls either on the same day or on a first date.

I’ve had the luxury of being grounded in one spot for the last few months so I’ve been able to slow back down and play a safer two-date model and I went into the date on Sunday with that in mind. We had a few drinks, I escalated up to a make-out and we made plans to see each other again for a second date.

Romanian Vampire 😉

Over the next few days after the date on Sunday our texting became more and more sexual. My tried and tested photo ping spikes nicely amped up the possibility that sex would happen on the second date and so I decided I had to get her out again soon before the bubble burst, knowing I would be in London for a week this weekend.

The main issue I have with where I’m living now is logistics, something that is vital to the success of a pull so I knew I was going to have to improvise as I couldn’t go to hers and she couldn’t come to mine. After a little while browsing the internet for possible locations for the pull (disabled toilets, hotels with conference rooms, parks etc…) I decided that as I drive and I’m in an area with lots of secluded areas, I’d go for the pull in my car. I drive a BMW Z3, which if you’re a fan of James Bond you’d have seen in GoldenEye and you’d also know it’s fucking tiny…

Felt a bit like we were setting a Guiness World Record...
Felt a bit like we were setting a Guiness World Record…

Driving to the date I knew that it was either going to go well, or it would be a funny story…

I picked her up at her house and the expected “where are we going” question arose, to which I’d already planned a reply “I’m going to show you this awesome viewpoint where you can see the whole city.” It’s important that when you lead you have conviction, any hesitation could see your plans shot down. She didn’t bat an eyelid to this and the look in her eye told me she knew what that meant.

The drive to the lookout wasn’t long and we made small talk as the sexual tension began to build. As I approached the viewpoint I noticed that it was actually full of cars. “Shit!” I thought to myself as I frantically racked my brain for an alternative spot, knowing that dogging probably isn’t the best idea for a second date!

Luckily the area is surrounded by golf courses and as the last of light disappeared I found a local golf course with a huge car park that was luckily empty. Bingo! You couldn’t see fuck all of the city but she never said a word and within minutes we were making out heavily. I’d just been given the green light..

Here’s what followed. I’ve conveniently edited into a short 5 minute audio clip, which is obviously NSFW and you should probably wear some headphones…enjoy 😉


Oh yeah, I said at the start that this lay report contains some useful lessons/insights, not just the bravado of the lay so here’s some tips for ‘adventure sex.’

  • You absolutely have to lead. Leading is critical to every pull but even more so when you’re attempting to go for a lay in a public location. Any hesitation will cause her to feel uncomfortable with the idea and it probably won’t happen.
  • You must have escalated physically and verbally prior and feel somewhat that she’s a) into you and b) a strong maybe to a yes girl. If you haven’t at least made out with her then it’s going to be a huge ask to get her to fuck you in public.
  • Turn it into an ‘adventure.’ Role play on the fact that you both shouldn’t be doing this and that it’s your little secret. This adds to the plausible deniability she requires when doing something crazy like this with a guy she’s just met.
  • Have fun!
CassidyPUA #4 Gutter Game SDL Story

CassidyPUA #4 Gutter Game SDL Story


Some notes from the video:

How to pick up a barmaid

  • As soon as she approaches me to ask for my order I hold intense sexual eye contact and pattern interrupt by asking how she is.
  • She doesn’t know what a Rioja is as I order my wine so I tell her to give me her hand and I slap the back of it and tease her for not being a good barmaid.
  • After this I roll off as I’ve done enough spiking and can see she’s interested.
  • I ignore her for a bit then when she’s running through another customers order I banter a bit more about her looking like a well known celebrity.
  • We’re about to finish our drinks so I wait for a good opportunity to close so when she passes again I get her attention, tell her I want to invite her out sometime and that she should write her number down on a receipt out of sight of her boss. (this is very important).
  • She agrees and I close.

How to SDL from Gutter Game

  • I spot the girl out of my peripheral vision as she walks past in short denim shorts and low cut top. She’s Latina.
  • I front stop her closer than I would usually during the day, indicating this is sexual not social.
  • She’s a bit skeptical at first as she saw me with my student who’s a big guy and she’s a bit on guard.
  • I run normal daygame model and she hooks after my teasing about where she’s from – El Salvador
  • Once she’s hooked I start physical escalation, long hand hold, hugs, push-aways and decide that it’s on for a SDL.
  • I tell her my student is on his way home and suggest we should grab a quick drink. She agrees.
  • In the bar I’ve progressed to playing with hands and the makeout happens pretty quickly.
  • I decide to extract now but she’s hungry so I agree to go with her to get some food, making sure that I rush it along as fast as I can so as to not burst the seduction bubble.
  • Once she’s finished I suggest we go to my hotel for one more drink. She’s hesitant and her ASD kicks in, telling me she has to go and get her car.
  • I tell her we’ll be quick and then I’ll walk her to her car. She agrees to come up to my room.
  • Once in the room LMR doesn’t materialise and it’s 3 hours of crazy sex in all situations including her leaning out of the high rise window screaming in Spanish as I fuck her from behind and slap her arse.
  • Key to SDL’s is recognising the signals from the girl that it’s “on” and to escalate smoothly but quickly.
Lay Report – Power of the Push

Lay Report – Power of the Push

The following is the lay report Tom and I were chatting about on this podcast:

It was my last night in the city. After the fourth date I’d told her we shouldn’t see each other anymore as she was playing games, but here she was, back in the apartment and I knew I only had one card left to play.

I’d met her on my last trip to the city she’s the girl in the featured image, 18, quite conservative and sweet. We’d gone for a couple of drinks on the first date, she barely said a word but sat there smiling for the duration.

Date two she came round to the apartment, we watched a movie and she rejected all of my escalation attempts but still sat there smiling. I knew she was interested, she just needed a bit more comfort so for the rest of the night I just made small talk and we watched YouTube.

Third date again she came over to the apartment. This time she kissed me, passionately, but blocked any further escalation attempts. Each time she did, she giggled and smiled at me knowing it was driving me crazy.

Fourth date, again she came over to the apartment. By now guys should realise that if she wasn’t thinking about sleeping with me she wouldn’t put herself in a position where sex could happen i.e. alone with me in the apartment. But like the third date, she was happy to kiss and allowed me to escalate slightly more than the last date, though she still blocked it from becoming too intimate.

By this point I was growing tired of the games, and told her straight that I liked her man to woman and that if she wanted to play games then we were better off not seeing each other. I rolled off for a couple of days whilst I went on other dates and sure enough on my last night in the city she texted “what are you doing?”

The roll off had at least pushed her to make the decision to want to see me knowing I was leaving the next day so again she came over to the apartment.

This time she allowed me to escalate further, I knew she was turned on by the fact her jeans were soaking wet, and so I let her play with my cock before slipping my hand down her jeans.

She would let me play with her, moaning and kissing me passionately before rolling off and pretending to go to sleep. This happened three times before I stood up and told her she should leave.

I left the bedroom and went to sit in the window, texting on my phone whilst she shuffled off into the bathroom. I assumed she was going to sort herself out before leaving but when she re-emerged from the bathroom, she shuffled over to me, head down and gave me a hug.

I asked her what she wanted, she replied “you” and so I took her by the hand, back into the bedroom and this time there were no games, clothes off, my hands exploring every inch of her beautiful youthful body.  The sex was passionate, all that build up over the five dates for the both of us resulted in a pretty quick performance!

I let her stay the night and in the morning we parted ways as I headed off to Germany to teach..

Lay Report – Taking A Risk

Lay Report – Taking A Risk

So often in game, the choices you make directly influence the odds of you getting laid, whether it’s the decision to approach, the decision to escalate or the decision on which date venues you use etc.

It’s generally advisable to plan your date logistics in advance so the less you leave to chance, the more control you have over the outcome.

Last week I’d set up a date with a girl I’d closed a few days before.

The plan as usual was a drink in venue one, bounce to venue two, escalate, bounce and close.

A few hours prior to the date however, the girl texted to throw a spanner in the works saying she was driving so couldn’t drink and asked if we could do coffee instead or I could go twenty minutes out of the city to her suburb where we could have a drink.

On a date at night, I’d always advise drinks unless she’s a hardcore teetotaller as it gives the girl plausible deniability which is a valuable asset when chasing a lay. Girls are judged by society and so any excuse for her to say “we were drinking and well it just happened” takes the burden off her making a logical decision sober. (NB: This doesn’t mean get her smashed so she can’t consent!)

I decided to take a roll of the dice and with a “fuck it” moment I agreed to meet at a venue near to her place.

The only place that was open was a Mexican restaurant so I knew I’d have to run the whole model in one venue and hope for the best.

Luckily after a few drinks the vibe had gotten pretty sexual so I told her we’d grab a bottle from the restaurant and go back to hers for a couple more before I got an Uber home.

She agreed and we headed back to hers. We’d already kissed outside of the venue when I joined her for a cigarette, so I knew the chance of the lay was high.

Back at her place it was plain sailing, we put on a movie and cracked open the bottle of wine but barely had a sip of our drinks before we were heavily making out and pulling our clothes off.

I stayed the night and we had sex again in the morning, before I grabbed an Uber back to my apartment.

Had I been super strict with my date logistics and stuck with my original plan, I may have not gotten the lay so as Tom says, it’s sometimes best to lose the battle to win the war 😉

Three Weeks, Two Lays and A EuroTour: An Update

Three Weeks, Two Lays and A EuroTour: An Update

Hey guys,

Just a quick post giving a bit of an update of what I’ve been doing and why I’ve been so quiet on here and my YouTube channel.

It’s been a few weeks now since I got back from Canada with Tom Torero, and for the majority of that time I’ve been suffering with a bit of the man flu, however, I’ve been coaching in London and doing a little bit of game here in Bristol.

As the title suggests, in the time I’ve been away I’ve still managed two new lays, one coming (literally) in Canada with Tom  and the other happening on Saturday night.

I was out with my best mate for a few drinks in Bristol with the intention of catching up, however that descended into opening sets and before long we were bouncing an 18yr old two-set to a nearby bar.

As with any type of “night game” your success relies a little bit on luck as things change so rapidly (hence why I’m a daygamer primarily) and before long the two girls lost interest and I lost my mate.

Alone, at the bar, I opened a Spanish girl who was buying a drink and after a few minutes of hard spiking and tiger eyes she was hooked but had to get back to her friends. Not wanting to entertain her friends I just took her number and said I’d message her later.

Spanish HB7
Spanish HB7

By this point I’d collected four numbers and was getting tired, so decided to head back to the sanctuary of my hotel where I was watching the UFC 202 rematch between McGregor & Diaz.

Back at the hotel I sent out a mass text to all the numbers I’d got that evening and the girl from the bar replied pretty quickly. It was about 4am at this point and she asked where I was (green light).

I told her I was at my hotel and she should come and meet me for a drink then I’d put her in a taxi home. She gave me a pre-emptive ASD (anti-slut defence) shit-test, which I passed (see below) and twenty minutes later she was outside the hotel.


As we got in the lift to go to my room we were making out heavily and back at the room it was minutes before we were both naked and fucking, my mate sound asleep on the bed next to us.

As I believe Tom said in one of his videos, listen to her actions not her words. Many guys not versed in game might have taken her test logically and failed to escalate assuming she was just coming over for a drink, however if you look past the words and notice that she’s alone, coming to your hotel room at four in the morning and already thinking about sex, it’s clear that’s exactly what she wanted.


Okay, so firstly I want to respond to the guys asking me where my infields are; they’re coming guys, I’ve got a cameraman lined up, I just need to find a day where I can get down to London and film a load. As soon as I do that I’ll start drip feeding them into my YouTube channel so stay tuned for those.

Secondly I want to mention 1-1 coaching in London; If you’re interested, get in touch at or if you want someone to vouch for me first.

Lastly if you’re reading this somewhere in Europe and want to get coached by myself and Tom, we’re doing a EuroTour starting October 15th in Cologne; check out this video explaining it a bit more and email to book!

Speak to you soon,


Lay Report: Closing The Loop

Lay Report: Closing The Loop

Seasoned seducers will know that pulling the trigger and not getting the lay can often mean you never see the girl again. The seduction bubble has popped and she has chance to logically think about how close she came to sleeping with someone she’s just met.

As my date walked out of my hostel room on Tuesday evening, I thought I’d never see her again.

Occasionally though, you get another bite at the cherry and in this instance I’d done enough on the date for her to decide that despite knowing I wasn’t sticking around for long, I was worth the effort of another date.

To get to this point though, I’d had to deal with a barrage of ‘shit tests’ due to the fact the lay hadn’t happened on the first night.

Unlike the first lay of the trip, this girl wasn’t a yes girl and so passing these tests were vital to getting her to see me again.

Riga Daygame

It was my last night in Riga and she finished work at 22:00, over text she was playing silly buggers and I had to deliver a ‘royal flush’ text, basically telling her I liked her (true), I wanted to see her again (true), I didn’t want to sleep with her for the sake of sex (true) and that if she didn’t want to meet then it was cool either way (true).

Many guys are scared to be honest with girls, thinking it will ‘ruin’ their chance of sex, but after doing this for years, I know that honesty and the willingness to walk away is both win/win for me and the girl.

The text did the trick and just after 22:00 we met at Dome Square where we kissed and went to a bar for a quick drink.

I was super low energy on the date, I genuinely felt shattered from the weeks residential but I liked the girl and wanted to see her. This lack of investment on my part meant there was clear sexual tension in the air, which she tried to dissipate with general chit chat.

After a couple of drinks I got up and told her we’re going, she never asked where and when we got to my apartment she laughed. She later told me that she wasn’t planning on coming back to my hostel on the first night but the way I lead and bamboozled her on the way back to the hostel was ‘smooth.’

Back in the apartment, there was no LMR. We kissed on the balcony before heading back inside my room where all the sexual tension exploded in a tangle of sweaty bodies. The sex was intense and amazing and we both collapsed into each others arms.

We chatted after about what had happened and she told me she liked the way I looked at her and touched her and that guys her age (22) were inexperienced and left her frustrated.

I let her stay the night and enjoyed the affection a man can only get from a beautiful woman. My week in Riga had come to an end and as I kissed her goodbye at the door, I knew I’d end up back here again.


Lay Report: A Tale of Two-Sides

Lay Report: A Tale of Two-Sides

It’s the final night of my first residential coaching here in Riga, Latvia.

The residential has gone really well with the student smashing limiting beliefs and getting as far as a make-out with a Russian girl on a date last night.

Aside from teaching, I haven’t had much time (or energy) to game for myself, although in my first three days I managed a failed lay and successful lay, such is the nature of daygame.

On my first full day in Riga, I met a cute Latvian girl who I met later that evening for a date.

Venue one, standard chit-chat with the occasional spike and all was going well. Bounced to second venue, a secluded underground bar that she recommended, perfect for escalating.

Second venue, strawberry fields, questions game and physical escalation all pushed the interaction into a seductive mood, a spark of electricity through deep eye-contact and the make-out was simple.

Time to extract.

“Come on let’s go,” as we left the venue I picked her up and pushed her against the wall for a heavy make-out. Walking through the beautiful Old Town, I pointed out things to stop her logical brain from sabotaging the mood and we walked straight to the hostel I was staying at (I had a private room).

Inside I showed her things on my laptop in between more heavy make-outs until we were both half naked and at the point of no-return. Here’s where I encountered huge LMR and despite my best efforts, I understood that it wasn’t going to happen tonight, so we kissed once more as she left my room.

First night in Riga and a blue balls story. I smiled as I looked forward to the week ahead.

Second day of the residential and the student was working on getting the front stop nailed down. To demonstrate how you need to commit fully to the approach, I stopped a cute Israeli who was storming back towards her hotel and had flashed a small but strong IOI my way.

Same day lay

The stop instantly did its job as she giggled and we proceeded to have a fun dirty but flirty interaction. She’d just arrived and was in Riga for a couple of days. I’d struck gold with a ‘Yes Girl.’

I took her number and seeded the date for later that evening as I had to get back to teaching, which she agreed to.

22:30 rolled around and I met her at the meeting point I suggested where she turned up looking much hotter than earlier in the day (the beauty of daygame).

I took her to a dreamy outdoor bar not far from my apartment and ordered a couple of glasses of wine. The conversation was light and flirty and the fact her English was broken made it easy for teasing and physical pushes.

As we chatted about her life, I found out she was recently single from a long-term relationship in which she spoke about the fact she was never sexually satisfied.

At this point our hands played with each others under the table and the whole vibe was ‘on’.

Drinks finished I took her by the hand and straight back to the apartment, we both knew what was going to happen, and as we got back to my room her pent up sexual frustration was released in a tangle of bodies and bedsheets.

Afterwards she told me that she hadn’t come in over a year and loved the fact that I’d approached her in the way I did, an advert for the joys of adventure sex if ever you needed one.

She left shortly after and I reclined on my sofa, a little tipsy and grinning about how amazing life can be when you just take action.

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