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CassidyPUA #4 Gutter Game SDL Story

CassidyPUA #4 Gutter Game SDL Story


Some notes from the video:

How to pick up a barmaid

  • As soon as she approaches me to ask for my order I hold intense sexual eye contact and pattern interrupt by asking how she is.
  • She doesn’t know what a Rioja is as I order my wine so I tell her to give me her hand and I slap the back of it and tease her for not being a good barmaid.
  • After this I roll off as I’ve done enough spiking and can see she’s interested.
  • I ignore her for a bit then when she’s running through another customers order I banter a bit more about her looking like a well known celebrity.
  • We’re about to finish our drinks so I wait for a good opportunity to close so when she passes again I get her attention, tell her I want to invite her out sometime and that she should write her number down on a receipt out of sight of her boss. (this is very important).
  • She agrees and I close.

How to SDL from Gutter Game

  • I spot the girl out of my peripheral vision as she walks past in short denim shorts and low cut top. She’s Latina.
  • I front stop her closer than I would usually during the day, indicating this is sexual not social.
  • She’s a bit skeptical at first as she saw me with my student who’s a big guy and she’s a bit on guard.
  • I run normal daygame model and she hooks after my teasing about where she’s from – El Salvador
  • Once she’s hooked I start physical escalation, long hand hold, hugs, push-aways and decide that it’s on for a SDL.
  • I tell her my student is on his way home and suggest we should grab a quick drink. She agrees.
  • In the bar I’ve progressed to playing with hands and the makeout happens pretty quickly.
  • I decide to extract now but she’s hungry so I agree to go with her to get some food, making sure that I rush it along as fast as I can so as to not burst the seduction bubble.
  • Once she’s finished I suggest we go to my hotel for one more drink. She’s hesitant and her ASD kicks in, telling me she has to go and get her car.
  • I tell her we’ll be quick and then I’ll walk her to her car. She agrees to come up to my room.
  • Once in the room LMR doesn’t materialise and it’s 3 hours of crazy sex in all situations including her leaning out of the high rise window screaming in Spanish as I fuck her from behind and slap her arse.
  • Key to SDL’s is recognising the signals from the girl that it’s “on” and to escalate smoothly but quickly.

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