Craig Cassidy


A chronic nice guy growing up, I like most guys in this community stumbled upon the Neil Strauss classic “The Game” which opened my eyes to the fact that men can change their ways and learn how to become more sexually attractive to women.

london daygame coaching

Fast forward five years and now I’ve seduced women all over the world, had some crazy adventures, huge failures and gained a wealth of knowledge in this area.

Now I want to help other guys around the world take control of their dating lives and happiness as I have done.

London daygame coaching

I’m currently the senior coach and main wing of the daygame legend himself Tom Torero and have been lucky enough to teach and daygame with Tom all over the world. This has vastly helped me develop as a daygame coach and I’m proud to achieve amazing results with my students.

Check out some of my client testimonials here.

Get in touch: craig@cassidypua.com

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